Pretty Swallow Tattoos


The pretty swallow tattoos are one way through which you can show a variety of emotions and beliefs. Basically, swallow tattoos comprise of some beautiful designs that make use of these pretty birds on your body. Although these swallow tattoos are quite pretty and appealing, you need to know what major things they are associated with. In order to get a swallow tattoo that agrees with your personality, you need to take a look at the different swallow tattoos meaning that are applicable for them. Further, you need to check some swallow tattoo designs that are popular these days so that you can find something that you like. Here is a look at some of the associated swallow tattoos meanings and different designs which propagate them.

Meaning of Swallow Tattoo

The meaning of swallow tattoo depends upon two major things, the swallow tattoo designs that have been used and the place where the swallow tattoo has been designed. For example, a pair of swallow tattoos drawn on the chest of the person show long term commitment to a cause or a lover that does not falter with time. Swallows are known to have single partners throughout their lives as they are committed to their mates. Through swallow tattoos, you can show undying love and commitment to the person you love. Swallow tattoos have been extremely popular among sailors since the beginning. In fact, swallow tattoos were made famous by sailors as a way of showing their skills. A single swallow tattoo showed that the sailor had experience of about 5000 nautical miles, with swallow tattoos standing for double the number. While these are the safer swallow tattoos meanings, there were some other things with which swallow tattoos were associated. They have been the mark of mafia and a symbol of people who have been to jail. Here, swallow tattoos are seen as the mark of freedom that is attained after serving time in jail.

Pictures of Swallow Tattoos

If you are interested in getting a swallow tattoo on your skin, make sure that you think about the meanings that are applicable to them. Once you have seen them, you would have to decide among the different swallow tattoo designs that are available these days. The different pictures of swallow tattoos online can help you in choosing the right design for yourself.

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